Family friendly kitchen remodeling Arlington Heights

When my friend heard that I look for a god company for kitchen remodeling Arlington Heights, she invited me to her place. Well, seeing her kitchen was the best recommendation I might need. It’s rather small and not very extravagant but at the same time very functional and inviting. It doesn’t sound like much but I saw her kitchen before and believe guys did wonders. So, without hesitation I contacted with the contractors responsible for remodeling. They were from Superior Pad Construction. I admitted that I wanted complete makeover of my kitchen but wasn’t 100% what it was I actually needed. We talked a bit, considering available options and decided that after visit at my house they can give me complete project and final estimate. I really liked their project – elegant almost refined, and above everything – low maintenance. I laid stress on the last one as presence of kids and unruly dog doesn’t go together with high gloss furniture and alike.

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Kitchen remodeling that speaks for itself

Guys from Superior did remarkable job with my kitchen remodeling. It looks completely different from something I would design for myself but that’s for the best. It resembles Scandinavian house with all that wood and soft colors. Everybody in the family simply loves it. When guys remodeling kitchen I thought that would take ages. Nothing further from truth. They were very efficient so in no time I could enjoy the interior that I’m complimenting now. Actually, the greatest surprise was the cost, because for such a project, materials and execution, I’ve expected to pay much more. And you know what? When a friend will ask me about good kitchen remodeling company, I’m not going to speak in lengths about Superior contractors. I’ll show him or her my kitchen. That’s the best recommendation, I can think of.

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