Remodeling a kitchen in Chicago for a big family

Big family and small house don’t go well together. Sounds like a slogan but unfortunately, that was the prose of my life. Too many people on way to little space. It wasn’t that bad with the rooms but kitchen was utter catastrophe. My friend said that she knew perfect solution to my problem – finding experts in kitchen remodeling in Chicago (she recommended JDP). I had my doubts. What they were supposed to do – magically blow up my kitchen? Well, remodeling contractors came, saw, and made their diagnosis. I learnt that lack of space wasn’t problem. Huh, what the heck? What I needed was most efficient use of what I had available. They presented me with several solutions, some of them including changes to the kitchen’s layout. One in particular caught my attention but I got to the details in a minute.

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Kitchen remodeling made to measure

What I really liked about my kitchen remodeling undertaking, was the attitude of the JDP crew. They were very helpful and didn’t find my suggestions silly. After all, it was my house and I was to feel comfortable there. When they got to work, they were efficient. In no time, I had new floor (partially tiles, partially wood). I decided to change the layout as well so food preparation became more streamlined. Next step consisted of new cupboards. Seeing them in the kitchen, I realized how much space was wasted before with all that decorative elements and furniture hanging long way from the ceiling. But what won my heart was an island (before there was a table there). And not your usual island either – countertop for fixing meals, additional cupboards and drawers under part of it and chairs to comfortably sit and eat. Excellent three in one. Overall, JDP kitchen remodeling contractors did great job and proved that my kitchen is big enough for my family.

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