Let’s talk about roofing installation

Why roofing is so important?

There are few as important parts of the house as a roof. It protects your property from wind, rain, snow and other weather effects. You could say that they are the first line of defense of your home. It should be clear, then, that proper attention and care should be paid to his part of the property. Not only do they have to keep the elements out, they must also be durable enough that the collapse of the roof is out of the question. When talking about a roof, there are three parts of it that are the most important. First, we have the exterior part of the roof – the covering. This is what protects your roof and does not let the rain get inside. Next we have the structure that supports the covering. It consists of sheathing and framing and must be strong enough to handle the weight of the roof and anything that might lay on it. This is especially important in the winter when large amounts of snow may be covering your roof and straining it. Lastly, we have the connection between the structure of the roof and the walls of the home. You definitely want your roofing in Schaumburg, IL to be done by a professional company. Chicagoland Roofing Companies Schaumburg, IL is exactly the kind of company that can provide you with a reliable roof. If you want to properly check the condition of your roof and whether it can properly protect your home, you have to inspect all three elements mentioned before. The covering is exposed to all the environmental effects and tends to deteriorate the most. The condition of the sheathing might be even more important. Problems with the covering might lead to holes appearing on the roof. However, if the sheathing degrades, the whole roof might eventually collapse. The framing is supposed to hold down the sheathing and maintain the overall shape of the roof.

Often framed into the rafters and ceiling joists, gable end walls can be considered as elements of the framing. They have to endure and resist enormous wind forces that otherwise might destroy the structure of the roof. Those forces act with the most strength on the gable overhangs. They have to be properly integrated into the framing to prevent the roofs from being blown away from the house. They hold down the rafters and connect the entire system so that it can successfully resist the power of the wind. If they are not properly installed or are allowed to deteriorate, you might end up losing the roof during a storm and suffer a great deal of damage to the rest of the house. Regular maintenance is very important and should never be neglected by a responsible homeowner. The moisture building up in the attic can be troublesome. The temperature rising too high is another problem that many homeowners are faced with. Both issues can be solved with correct venting. The durability of your roof stands to benefit from a proper ventilation system. However, it can also provide ways for water to get inside your house during a storm or hurricane. This can result in the growth of mold and the deterioration of the roof’s structure, even with the exterior of the roof looking fine. The dry walls can be damaged when a major leak occurs. It is likely that all that water will soak through your ceiling and potentially flood your house. If you neglect your roof, there might be even more dangerous issues arising without your knowledge. It might be even happening right now. There might not be any significant damage, but it is only a matter of time unless you do something. It is always better to prevent something from happenings than dealing with the fallout. If you regularly maintain your roof, any hazards will be exposed in time to deal with them before they get out of hand.

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Metal roof or asphalt shingle - which one to choose?

If you’re replacing an existing roof or need to build a new roof for your property, you’ll find that there are a lot of materials to choose from. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, and in this article we’re looking at the pros and cons of two popular solutions: asphalt shingles and metal roofing. However, regardless of which type of roofing material you choose, remember to get them only from professional manufacturers. Worthouse is a good company when it comes to getting high quality metal roofing products. Be sure to check out the products they offer if you decide that metal roofing is what you want on your property. Don’t hesitate to contact them and find out more. If you are comparing metal and shingle roofs, metal roofs are the far more complicated option. They require skilled roofing contractors that know all the required techniques. Additionally, there are far more parts in a metal roof that all need to be correctly assembled to end up with a fully functional roof. However, despite its complexity, metal roofing is a common choice. This is especially true in areas where extreme weather conditions are not uncommon. Metal roof is much longer lasting than a roof made from asphalt shingles. It also provides numerous options that most other roofing materials do not. The longevity of metal is one of the strong points of such roofs. It takes at least five decades before any signs of degradation begin to occur. Depending on which metals you choose, this time might even double. Zinc and cooper are particularly resilient. When you compare metal to other roofing materials, the results are clear. If you are looking for a very durable roof, metal is the way to go. Neither plastic nor concrete offer the same degree of protection from extreme weather conditions over such a long period. Naturally, the cost of installing such a roof is higher than if you were to chose an asphalt shingle roof. However, properties with metal roofs tend to be worth more and have easier time finding a new buyer. If the roof is in really good condition, the value of the building will increase even further. After all, the new owner will not have to repair or replace the roof any time soon.

  The popularity of shingle roofs means that you can find them almost anywhere. Indeed, when asked to imagine a roof, many people imagine a shingle roof. This is because this type of roofing has been the traditional choice for most homeowners during the last century. This popularity stems mainly from the very low cost of installing such a roof. When you add to it the fact that the process of installation is rather easy and that this roofing material is very easily available, it is no wonder that the majority of people choose a shingle roof. Shingles take far less time and effort to install or replace when compared to a metal roof. When a roofing contractor is installing a metal roof, he first has to join the metal panels to the decking. For this he used screws instead of nails and after the panels are connected, he can install the flashing. Normally it consists of numerous metal pieces which extends the time of installation significantly. The cost of installing both roofs depends on many factors. Metal roofs require highly skilled professional and expensive materials. Depending on which type of metal is chosen, the price might be higher or lower. Asphalt shingles are definitely cheaper to install. However, you have to remember that they also need much more maintenance and repairs. This means that in the long term metal roofing is far cheaper. Its durability and longevity are what makes this particular type of roofing material a very cost-effective choice. Over a long period of time, you will spend more money on maintaining an asphalt shingle roof than on a metal roof.

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What’s the difference between residential and commercial roofing?

There are many differences between commercial and residential roofs. It would be a mistake to simply assume that the only difference between the two is their scale. Company that handles commercial roofing is not necessarily the best choice for installing a residential roof. You should always properly research the company you are interested in. Probably the largest difference between the two types of roofing is the roof design. Flat roofs are the most common type of commercial roofing. Sometimes they might have a little slope, but those are rare occasions. There is a good reason for that. When it comes to large commercial objects like a shopping mall, flat roofs are easier to build. First and foremost, the roof design must serve a practical purpose, which limits the available options. The scale of such a roof makes the maintenance much more challenging. Those roofs often need more stringent attention than residential roofs. With residential roofing, we can have a much greater variety of roof designs. Steep slopes are also very common. Since the covered area is much smaller than when it comes to commercial properties, the building’s structure is not pressured as much. The maintenance of such roofs is also easier, although doing it regularly is still important. Otherwise the roof’s condition will worsen with time and the deterioration may lead to the roof being destroyed. Naturally, the materials which should be used in commercial and residential roofs differ from each other. Those differences cover the costs, the longevity as well as the way they should be applied. Metal roofs are popular when it comes to commercial properties. This is because they have to be flat. Residential roofs have more options just like when it comes to roof design. Wood shingles or asphalt ones. Slate or maybe clay tiles? It all depends on your preferences. Reliable roofing companies in Chicago with outstanding reputations, who employ skilled installers, are in great demand. New Edge Roofing Companies Chicago is just such a company.

Some of the most popular residential roofing materials can also be used on commercial properties when their roofs have a slope. This includes metal panels and asphalt shingles. Because there are mostly flat and huge, commercial roofs a exposed to the extreme weather conditions to a much greater degree than residential roofs. This can lead to a faster deterioration of the roof. When designing a commercial roof, one important issue is increasing the durability of the roof. This can be achieved by using some of the strongest roofing materials available. For example, modified bitumen or a single-ply built-up roofing membrane is very effective and strengthening a roof. Commercial roofs require more attention during the installation and the whole life cycle. It should not come as a surprise that the skill set required for both types of roofs is very different. With commercial roofs, the roofing contractors should be experienced in increasing the structural integrity and making sure that the roof will be durable. For residential roofs, a highly skilled roofing contractor will be able to adjust to the client’s expectations. He should use his vast knowledge of residential roofing to provide the customer with a high quality roofing service. Naturally, the best way to get the information about which roofing material will work best for you or other things related to roofing is to contact a reliable roofing company. ACA Roofing Company is a great example of just such a company. They provide amazing commercial roofing Chicago services both for residential and commercial clients. They experienced roofing contractors will take care of your roof and make sure that your needs are taken into account. If you have any questions you should contact them and schedule a meeting to thoroughly discuss any issues you might have. Their website is also worth checking out. Not only is it full of useful information, there you can find ways of contacting the company.

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