New warehouse

I am the owner of a large construction company. We are building single-family houses and small offices. In addition, we carry out internal installations such as water installations and central heating. From the backyard company, we started to become a recognized brand. One of the stages of my business plan was to build a new warehouse. In this place we store things like construction machines, building materials and other items necessary for the building company to work. We built it with our strength but to close the shell we needed a roof. As most of my friends work in my industry I had to choose recommended roofing contractors Lombard il. In needed a ripped and fast team for now! Friends advised me Eco Roofing Chicago company who makes different types of roofs. Despite the command I had to be careful, the roof contractor at building my home just broke down the job. We had a larger roof to do, I didn’t want to pay for contractor mistakes!

Roof made completed by roofing companies

The best roofing material

When I was at their office, they advise me quickly. Advisor clearly showed their offer, he suggested 3 types of roofs. Metal roofing which are more lightweight than any other, a rubber roofing – thermoplastic polyolefin called TPO and ethylene propylene diene monomer called EPDM. Together we decided to do elastic and easy to install metal roof. We sign the contract within 10 minutes. Guys from Eco Roofing Chicago was really professional team, nevertheless I watched them through the entire construction phase. The team arrived well equipped. They over watched the building, compared with the technical documentation and started to work. Installation materials were prepared in advance, which accelerated the work. If something was missing, immediately the driver delivered everything team needed. I am glad that I trusted this company, I am still satisfied with the performance of the service, and the company is still providing me with an inexpensive service!

Roofing project by roofing contractors in Lombard