My favorite security camera installation company.

After a few incidences at my company’s property, I decided that it was time to have a couple of security cameras installed. Both to keep an eye on employees at the cash register, but also to watch out for the safety of my staff and customers inside and outside of our store. I wasn’t sure how to do that myself, so I contacted IntegraCore Security Camera Installation Chicago, CCTV Chicago Systems after reading several reviews online. They asked several questions to help figure out the best CCTV system for me, and they chose wonderfully.

Security camera installation you can trust day after day.

They showed me how to operate the system. It has worked smoothly since installation which has been a blessing. I had a small user-error hiccup in the beginning, but with their 24/7 service, I called and they talked me through it immediately. The system was much less expensive than I expected given the quality, and the staff was incredibly friendly.
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