Lintel Replacement in Chicago | Extreme

Your masonry restoration turns out to be more complex than you expected? Or maybe you can’t handle your chimney repair in Chicago? Don’t waste your time and choose specialist help. As Extreme Tuckpointing Contractors, we offer the projects that will be performed above your expectations. We realize that customers want to know what they pay for and that’s why we assure you - you’ll pay for the finest quality and wide knowledge that we’ll share.


We can start with the professional inspection that reveals all existing damages. Once it will be done, licensed masonry repair or replacement can begin. We can also supply you with lintel replacement in Chicago, parapet wall repair, and top-notch tuckpointing in the Chicago area. We’ll find the smallest holes and gaps and refill it with the highest quality mortar so you can have your brick walls in great shape again. Strong winds and rain won’t be a threat anymore. If you decide on our team, your home surroundings we’ll be in the best possible hands! Everything is offered at affordable pricing.