Sealcoating & Paving Company in Fox Lake

As one of the most trusted paving companies in the Fox Lake area, GPS Sealcoating & Paving Company can serve you with a professional job right now. We are well-trained and equipped to take care of your asphalt needs including reliable paving, driveway sealcoating, parking lot striping and more. We are willing to help during all emergencies. Every project is important to us and we treat it as it was our own.


When you call our team, you get the guarantee of the job that will be performed right. We’re proud of our sealcoating quality that is the best way to prevent your asphalt further damage. When it’s too late for prevention, we can offer you the finest hot rubberized crack filling pothole repair service and sealcoating in Fox Lake. Whatever needs to be done, we will go to the great lengths to exceed your expectations. Give yourself the peace of mind from knowing that your asphalt is in great shape again!